Rajasthan-Cop School Aapni Pathshala speak story of transformation for street kids

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Aapni Pathshala in Churu district of Rajasthan has transformed the fortunes of 500 street kids who once begged on streets but now are aiming to become Army officers and cops

Aapni Pathshala

Constable Dharamveer Jakhar, a committed cop in Rajasthan, serves as a school teacher for street kids too who once were engaged in begging and rag picking. Watch out the live video who this man is taking efforts to install solar light in hutments of these kids so that they can study in night:

Jakhar, works an hour daily to teach these kids and also give them prizes to ensure they attend their regular classes lured by the gifts they get. Now these kids aspire to become Army officials and top cops.

The school, he runs, is called as Aapni pathshala where around 500 kids are aiming to join Army and police services.


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