Swadeshi Diwali: Handmade diyas & lights to illuminate homes & streets

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Swadeshi Diwali 2020 is different this time as people have stood up for the cause of making Atmanirbhar Bharat and are preferring everything Swadeshi to kill the Dragon silently.

In a village Keshavpura situated in Rajasthan, 40 kilometre far from Jaipur, 75 out of 85 families are engaged in making eco-friendly diyas, idols of gods and goddesses and other decor stuff for Diwali.

Eco-friendly Diyas as Diwali gifts

Such is the beauty of these products that many companies have decided to distribute them as Diwali gifts to their partners and employees.

The villagers are eventually busy making these stuffs day and night.

Swadeshi lights being made in Jaipur to light up streets this Diwali

Govind Chhabra looking after its distribution says that eco-friendly products are being made with the help of cowdung solution.

“These products are helping gaushalas and gaon( village) both self-reliant which is a matter of pride, he says.

Jaisalmer joins hands in making Atmanirbhar Bharat a movement in each household

Similarly, in Jaisalmer, Tulsi gaushala is engaged in making diyas of cow dung to ensure Diwali is celebrated in an eco-friendly manner and sustenance of gaushalas can also take place.

Manav Purohit from this Gaushala says that its team is making a comprehensive strategy for marketing and distribution of these diyas to ensure it reaches each and every household.

“Counters to sell these diyas will be set up in different places where these eco-friendly diyas shall be sold at fair price,” he said.

The story remains similar in many other districts of the desert place be it Hanumangarh, Bharatpur and many alike.

Now, when these people have stood for a cause, don’t you think we should stand up for making eco-friendly Diwali too!


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