Pushya Nakshatra today: Auspicious time for shopping & investment for Deepawali

Pushya Nakshatra is an auspicious time for buying and investing. 

From October 18 (Pushya Nakshatra) to October 24 (Diwali), such Muhurtas are being made, in which it will be auspicious to buy property, jewellery, from vehicles to electronic goods. At the same time, Tripushkar Yoga has been formed again on Dhanteras this year. According to astrologers, the work done in this yoga gives three fold benefits.

Today, the purchases made in Pushya Nakshatra will be more beneficial, because Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will remain in their own zodiac with this auspicious Nakshatra. Also, the day has become even more special due to the formation of two auspicious yogas named Vardhman and Siddha. Investments and purchases made in these planetary combinations are more beneficial in less expenditure.

On October 22, on Dhanteras, an auspicious yoga named Tripushkar is being formed by combining date wise and constellations. Investments made in this auspicious yoga can yield three fold benefits. Shopping made in Tripushkar Yoga is also considered three times auspicious and beneficial. Therefore, business and auspicious works should be started on this day. For those who want to make purchases on 23rd, it will also be auspicious to make purchases in Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga the next day.

What to buy on what date…

October 18: All kinds of purchases and investments can be made on this day due to auspicious coincidences throughout the day.

October 19: In addition to having auspicious yoga on this day, the coincidence of Wednesday and Dashami date is being made. Good day for new beginnings. Medicines, sweets, pearls, perfumery items, aquariums and women’s items can be bought.

October 20: The coincidence of Thursday and Dashami date will be made on this day. Simultaneously, yogas named Shukla, Shubh and Amrit are being formed. Being Vijaya Tithi, there are chances of getting success in investments, purchases and every work done on this day. On this day, special auspicious yoga is being made for buying property.

October 21: Along with Shukla Yoga, this day is also auspicious for investment or purchase of property due to the conjunction of Friday and Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra. On this day, special auspicious yoga is being made for buying property. It will be auspicious to buy tools, machinery and vehicles.

November 22: On this day, auspicious yogas named Tripushkar and Brahma are being formed. Along with this, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra will also remain there. Due to the constellation of Venus, all kinds of purchases can be done in this Muhurta. On this day there will be a special Muhurta for the purchase of electronic goods.

November 23: Due to these auspicious planetary yogas, investments, purchases and new beginnings can be made throughout the day. Due to the formation of Hasta Nakshatra, it will be auspicious to buy vehicles, land, buildings, jewellery and clothes etc.

November 24: One can buy home decorations and amenities.

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