November: See the list of series of festival this month brings 

November is a month of grand celebration according to the Hindu calendar as many festivals are lined up. 

The month kicked started with Gopashtami, and then there will be Devuthani Gyaras and Dev Deepavali coming.

The last lunar eclipse will be seen on November 8, and Kartik month, according to the Hindu calendar, will end. The will start the Aghan month will start according to the Hindu calendar.  

On the most critical occasion, Tulsi Shaligram’s marriage will take place.

Let’s see the list of festivals in November: 

On November 1, Gopashtami, Lord Krishna, and cows were worshipped on this day. 

On November 2, Amla Navami, the amla tree, is worshipped. Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakhsmi are honoured as well on this auspicious day. Continuing with devuthani Ekadashi, on November 4, Tulsi shalgram’s marriage takes place on this day, and chaturdashi ends on this day. 

Two sacred vrats of the month, Pradosh vrat will be held on November 7, where the Saturday and trayodashi tithi creates a Shani pradosh. 

On this day, Lord Shiva is worshipped. Similarly, on November 8, Baikunth Chaturdashi vrat, deepdan and pilgrimages provide Akshay Punya on this day. Also, this day is the last day of Karthik month, according to the Hindu calendar. 

November 11 is a very holy day as Ganesh Chaturthi becomes a source of joy for all Hindu devotees. 

Kaalbhairavashthami is celebrated on November 16. On this day, bhairav appeared, and according to the Hindu tradition, devotees followed fasting and ritual worshipping the ferocious glorifying form of Lord Shiva. 

On the auspicious day of November 20, as per the Vishnu Dharmottara Mahapuran, Ekadashi manifested. It has the name Utpanna Ekadashi for this reason. This fast has the benefits of several yagyas. On November 21, the Som Pradosh will be celebrated.

Later on November 28, will be celebrated as Vivah Panchami. On this day in Tretayuga, Lord Rama and Sita wed. Worshiping Shri Ram-Sita on this day boosts luck and wealth.

Thus, November becomes an imperative month for all the Hindus as they celebrate all these festivals with love and joy.

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