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Kodinhi in Kerala is mysterious twin capital of the country. Know why?

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Kodinhi, God’s own country of Twins, is the village in Kerala which has the largest number of Twins in the country. There are at least 500 pairs of twins or more among the families residing in the village. In India, 9 twins per 1,000 births, but Kodinhi is such an exception, where the rate is 45 per 1,000 births.  

What mystery does this land behold? Is there any scientific explanation for this? Is it genetics? What is it?  This has never heard before has been going on for generations, yet its existence is still unknown to most people.

Situated amid lush greenery on the surrounding landscape of tall coconut trees, the remote village of Kodinhi around 150km from Kochi in Kerala is home to 2,000 families. Scientists still can’t give the exact causes behind the massive number of twins. Maybe genetics, age, race, height, weight, previous pregnancies, and assisted reproduction are a few of the factors contributing to the massive number of twins in the village of Kodinhi.

First ever research conducted in the village


The unusual thing of having a large number of twins in the village never seemed unusual to villagers at all until a pair of twin girls conducted research on this. Sameera and Femeena, twins, studying in IISC school in the village, noticed 8 pairs of twins in one class alone. The girls then got curious to find if there were more twins in other classes too. And after this marvelous beginning, this village faced massive popularity and many scientists and researchers came to know the facts behind this. Behind this bizarre number of twins, scientists haven’t got any explanation. In 2016, a few researchers from Germany came and took samples of hair and nails for a DNA test. But this research failed to give a scientific reason behind this mysterious phenomenon.

Not only Kodinhi,Cândido Godói in Brazil,  Igbo-Ora in Nigeria and  Hung Hiep in South Vietnam are other bizarre places in the world that have an exceptionally high rate of twin births.

 And Science has no specific explanation for this.

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