Mumbai Suburban Railway makes the busiest network connecting 119 stations

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Mumbai Suburban Railway, coming under the Indian Railways, plays a pivotal role in the public transport system of the metro city.

Being the busiest Suburban Railway Network in India, this railway line is also known as lifeline to the Nation as it connects many local districts to suburbs. 

The best part of this railway network is that you get unique travel experience along with a socialising platform. 

This busiest Suburban Railway stretches up to the length of 427.5 kilometers.

Mumbai’s local trains carry about 7.5 million passengers every day, packed, on average, to 2.6 times of their capacity.  And hence it makes it the most crowded and Busiest Suburban Railway Network.  

The trains on track runs with the average speed of 30km/h (19 mph). Yearly ridership is around 2.64 billion which is quite high. Passengers can use seen climbing on a train.

This Busiest Suburban Railway daily networks with 119 stations. Trains run from 04:00 until 01:00, and some trains also run up to 02:30 am.

Morning peak hour for Mumbai locals is  8.30-9.30am with 6,32,000 travelling in it. Evening peak hour ranges from  6-7 pm with 587,000 passengers.

About Indian Railways

Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia and the second largest in the world.

In India, on 16th April 1853, the first passenger train between Mumbai and Thane ran for the distance of 34 km. 

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