Kashmiri teacher invents the solar-powered car after 11 years of research

Bilal Ahmed, a math professor from Kashmir, invented the solar car

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Bilal Ahmed, a math professor from Kashmir, invented the solar car

Bilal Ahmed, a math teacher from Sanat Nagar in Srinagar, has reportedly always had a passion for cars. Thus, Mr. Ahmed turned his interest into a serious undertaking and worked for 11 years to bring his dream to life. Mr. Ahmed aspires to provide high-end but affordable automobiles for the average individual. He began researching 1950s-era and the techniques of cars.

Truly inspired by the work of a Detroit, Michigan, engineer who founded the automaker DMC in the United States.

The inventor decided to develop a solar-powered vehicle back in 2009. His diligence finally paid off when he finished building his automobile this year. He disclosed that the vehicle would exclusively be powered by the electrical energy produced by the solar cells. Plus, it would have characteristics comparable to those of existing premium vehicles.

After watching many videos, Ahmed started altering the vehicle and incorporating additional features.

The vehicle can produce maximum power even with the least amount of solar radiation. Thus, Mr. Ahmed chose a certain type of solar panel to build the automobile. 

Additionally, the panels are meant to be effective and take up little space. It makes up for the lack of room; the automobile has gullwing doors and is completely automated.

Thus, solar-powered car is one of the revolutionary development. It will encourage and influence a lot of minds to work on their research.

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