Janmashtami 2021 special: Re-visit Krishna’s childhood days in Nand Bhawan in Gokul!

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Janmashtami 2021: As we get ready to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna, the EBNW Story takes you to the lanes of Gokul where Krishna spent his childhood days. Let’s visit the Nand Bhawan first which is also called as Chaurasi Khamba Temple.

Nand Bhawan situated in Gokul is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days after his parents were imprisoned by his maternal uncle King Kansa.

The house belonged to Nand Baba, who raised Lord Krishna along with his wife Yashoda. 

The place still echoes the era of mother-son bond with beautiful paintings and pictures recreating the era of yesteryears when Krishna played with Yashoda. 

In fact, devotees crawl like a kid while going inside the temple to offer their prayers.

Devotees crawl in Nand Bhavan the same way Krishna used to crawl here during his childhood days!

 The place is called as Chaurasi Khamba temple because it rests on 84 pillars.

As per the mythological legend, “Lord Krishna and his brother Balarama’s name giving ceremony was conducted here in a cowshed which lies in close proximity to the temple.”

A few stairs take you to the main entrance of the temple, which opens to a large courtyard.

The walls of the temple will leave you mesmerised bespeaking the stories of Lord Krishna depicting playful episodes from his childhood.

Devotees dance in Nand Bhavan remembering Krishna

If you have a question that why does the temple has exactly 84 steps, and not one more or less, then you will find answer in religious scriptures in Hinduism where number 84 signifies the 84,00,000 species of life in the material world. Therefore, when clubbed together, the pillars are believed to contain all life existing in the universe.

The temple also has a banyan tree situated in the courtyard of the temple, where devotees tie colourful ribbons on its branches. 

The temple reflects an aura of timelessness, as the ancient pillars and brackets are believed to be the same place Yashoda used to tie Krishna with Okhli.

Ancient pillar in Nand Bhawan where it is believed that Yashoda mata used to tie Krishna with Okhli

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