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Dubai Expo: Maharaja Ganga Singh’s grand statue to be installed in Dubai

The grand statue of General Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh, the king of princely state Bikaner, will be placed at the Chokhi Dhani Resort on the banks of Sharjahan sea in Dubai.  Visitors coming to Dubai Expo shall be able to see the grand statue installed along with statues of Maharani Padmawati and Maharana Pratap statues too.

Raja Ganga Singh birth date and place

Raja Ganga Singh born on 13 October, 1880 in Bikaner state( presently in Rajasthan) during the time of British Raj in India. He was the ruling Maharaja of princely state of Bikaner from 1888 to 1943. As a member of the Imperial War Cabinet, he was present in the Palace of Versailles during The Signing of Peace in the Hall of Mirrors. He is widely remembered as a modern reformist visionary.

Maharaja Ganga Singh statue is made by Mahavir Bharti

The statue is sculpted by Mahavir Bharti in Bharati Shilpkala Studio located in Jaipur. Along with Ganga Singh, statues of Maharana Pratap and Maharani Padmavati will also be installed there. Now the prides of Indian culture will be seen on foreign lands. Through those sculptures, the story of their lives will be expressed, their struggles and success will be seen in the Dubai Land.

Dubai Expo visitors to know about the glory of Indian past

Not only peoples living in Dubai but also the tourists visiting Dubai Expo will get an amazing opportunity to see the statues of these great figures who hold such a great and glorious history of India within themselves. ‘Mehul Vasnani’, the director of Chokhi Dhani, told that the sculptor Mahavir Bharti has been selected after seeing his quality and committed style of work. Along with all these statues, important information related to his life will also be engraved through the inscription. 

Sculpture Bharti stated that his statues will be different and unique from any other statue that had been made till now. His uniqueness will shine through his works when the statues will be installed in Dubai Expo.

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